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Australian Luxury Bathware

About Us

We believe in Australian excellence.


Meek is an Australian bathware design brand. We believe in longevity and aim to produce timeless bathroom pieces that create lasting beauty.

Our products are developed and made locally, working with industry leading companies. It is a privilege to work with our manufacturing and production partners; they are passionate and masters of their craft.

Our goal is to realise products that become a high-standard in the market. We believe in Australian excellence. We make bathware for people who believe what we believe.

'To me concrete is strong and solid; it’s robust and enduring. Yet despite its strength, it has a sense of humility. I think there’s beauty in that. I feel that concrete is very “Australian” - it’s unpretentious and hard working; it has an honesty. I’m sure this plays a part in why we love its aesthetic nature so much in architecture.

My goal was to retain the character of concrete and to convey its defining attributes. That meant it was important to preserve its identity throughout the design process. My approach was 'our pieces will be made of concrete, and look like concrete'.

The shapes and forms have a sculptural aspect that flaunts the versatility that working with concrete offers. Overall, the designs are distinctive and timeless.

This is my take on a centuries old material: 'a material reborn.’


- Joshua Gullaci


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